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With a history going back 150 years, RINA is a global corporation, a repository of skills and expertise delivering benefits to industries all over the world: our mission is to support their growth by setting up relations as a real partnership.

For us, partnership means getting rid of anything that could separate our work from the client's goals. It means acting together for the same ends and guided by the same motivations. It means investing in teamwork by highly qualified resources, that we develop with training and refresher courses running to about 155.000 hours a year, in the full knowledge that personal and professional growth are our strength.

The companies in our Group operate in five Business areas, proposing innovation, environment and sustainability-based solutions: Marine, Energy, Business Assurance, Transport and Infrastructures, IFIs Banks and Investors.

Our services are set up to multiply the potential of our partners, to make organisations more competitive in their markets of reference and to ensure that they operate as efficiently and sustainably as possible across every stage of their business activity.

To guarantee complete transparency of our activities, we organise and manage our services in two separate and independent branches, where specific companies operate:

  • TIC Services (Testing Inspection Certification): ship classification, certification, testing and inspections are assigned to RINA Services S.p.A. and to its subsidiaries;
  • E Services (Engineering): design, consulting engineering, operability assurance, special studies and project management are assigned to RINA Consulting S.p.A. and to its subsidiaries.

With the formation of this international, multidisciplinary group, RINA S.p.A. is now the Group's holding company, providing its central staff services to the operating companies: administration and finance, resources management, communication, legal services and general services.

We have 170 offices in 65 countries, with an operational network of more than 3.700 employees, whose hard work helped to generate an approximately​ 450​ million euro turnover in 2016.