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The key to our success are the people, who represent our assets and continuously contribute to the growth of our services.

Work at RINA
To work for one of the RINA companies means being able to demonstrate one’s skills in an international environment which invests in training and offers the opportunity to develop specialised and transversal competences.
We’re looking for people who want to grow or consolidate their know-how in TIC (Testing, Inspection and Audit, Certification, Classification) and Engineering (Consulting Engineering, Design, Project Management, Operability Assurance) services.

The Value of people
We believe in the importance of values such as a spirit of collaboration, enhancement of individual competences, the merging of different cultures and training backgrounds, multidisciplinarity, the search for customised and innovative solutions for our clients.
We’re looking for professionals, as well as people seeking their first job, who share these values and want to develop a path to excellence, to help public and private organisations achieve quality, safety, innovation and sustainability goals.

Always in touch
RINA CV is the area which enables you to create, update and manage your CV: assess, in real time, the most appropriate career and collaboration opportunities which match your skills and desire to grow. Register now and see what opportunities are available.
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