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What is the selection process?
The recruitment process includes interviews with the Human Resources Sector and with the pertinent organisational functions, aimed at examining in-depth professional profile, competency, individual aptitudes and motivational aspects. As well as interviews, candidates may be asked to complete tests and questionnaires.

How can I upload my curriculum vitae?
To apply for current job vacancies or to send an application in general, click on the button Upload your CV and register in the personnel area RINA CV.

How can I get my RINA CV noted?
Complete your RINA CV in the best way possible. Enhance your training and work experience and your skills and keep your CV updated with any additional skills and experience.

What happens after I've sent my CV?
Your CV will be recorded in our database of candidatures only after you have registered in RINA CV and you have created your profile. If there are any job opportunities compatible with your profile, we will contact you for an interview.

I have sent my curriculum vitae but I haven't been contacted. Will I be contacted in the future?
All curricula received are analysed, taking into account the ongoing recruitment of personnel, and are kept by the company for future recruitment.

How can I apply to do work training?
You can send an application to recruitment@rina.org, specifying what field you are interested in in the subject of the e-mail and enclosing your curriculum.

I have already sent my CV but I'm interested in new personnel recruitment positions. What should I do?
Your profile remains in RINA CV and is consulted also for future job offers. If you see a new job offer which interests you, you can apply through your personal area.

How can I delete my application and related curriculum vitae from the RINA CV database?
You can send an e-mail to recruitment@rina.org, indicating CV CANCELLATION in the subject and giving the following information together with your request to have your CV deleted:
  • name and surname
  • date and place of birth
  • e-mail address.
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