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RINA: What is Engineering?

Engineering services are mainly characterized by the application of scientific principles to conceive, design, build, maintain and dismiss structures, devices, materials, systems, and even processes.

RINA has built an outstanding team of engineers, consultants, designers, planners and specialists supporting clients with package comprehensive services, including:

  • feasibility / specialistic preliminary and detailed studies
  • preliminary design
  • basic design
  • detailed design
  • project management consultancy
  • engineering for operation and maintenance of the assets.

RINA Consulting, as engineering branch of RINA, has worked successfully with public and private customers, from governments to multi-nationals, from banks to private individuals in every development sector and in every part of the world.

RINA Consulting has been entrusted with a huge range of assignments, from multi-disciplinary developments spanning several years to smaller, but equally important projects.

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